Applying for a Carer’s Role

Today I filled in an application form for a Carer’s role covering Magherafelt, Maghera and Portglenone and posted it en route to visiting Gran today. The reality is that it’s a temporary solution; it would simply be something to pay the bills.


I may soon be getting money my Gran has dormant in the South of Ireland, all things being well, which would potentially free me up for Full Time work as it may mean signing off Housing Benefit. (trust me, our Benefit System doesn’t help those, like me, who WANT to work but NEED income)


I am also hoping for a Placement via the STRIDE program. But, again, the Red Tape. They even saw my ResumĂ© and wondered why I don’t have a job.


With the Tories recreating Thatcherism and Labour recreating  Footism, we’re back to 1981.


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