Another day of swings and roundabouts

This afternoon I applied for an Admin Job at Craigavon; County Armagh; via a Recruitment Agency, only for them to call me saying they need evidence of my GCSE Results and my OCR Revel 2 Qualifications. Turned out, I was in a frantic rush trying to find my Record of Achievement as I had to fax the results certificates from Ballyronan Marina Centre. It was a crash course in how to operate a fax Machine. However, I got it done in the end.


Then, here’s the best part, I had a flat tyre which was as a result of a huge hole after it burst. Fortunately there were no Police around, otherwise I’d have got penalty points. My car was changed at a Garage in Coagh and got back, albeit a little despairing. Tomorrow I have to take Gran to our Solicitor about a form she has to sign.


Now I have been thrown off course.


Here are some tunes;




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