Preparing to head to Dun Laoghaire tomorrow

Tomorrow is my brother’s 27th birthday. What do you give the young man that has everything? Just a card, that’s all! 🙂 He’s doing well enough.


Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Dun Laoghaire to see iconic Punk Poet John Cooper Clarke and will, God willing, get the 11 pm bus back from Busaras to Maghera park-and-ride. Hopefully the day will pass off incident-free.


I will vote in the election, but only to make a mockery of the whole process. 🙂 The Victim Class has too much say in this country, alas. 😦


I got my old MacBook back and will hopefully trade it for parts. The guy installing Ubuntu on it couldn’t get the dual boot to work, so I’ll cut my losses.



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