At Dun Laoghaire

I had an experience already. I’ve spent the last two hours at Dun Laoghaire getting WiFi, and recharging my Android, at a bar beside the Theatre my gig this evening is at and I was getting a Ballygowan Sparkling and crisps when I noticed someone with an American-Style Obey Baseball Cap, which I think are lame, worn the other way round. First I thought it was a young lad, but it was actually a Lesbian out with her pals. Takes all-sorts, I guess.


At Maghera park-and-ride I was talking to a family from Maghera who were getting off at Dublin Airport for a flight to Boston. Then a guy from Lavey, village near Maghera, got on the same bus to get off at Dungannon. He actually recognised me, perhaps he is a father or uncle of an old schoolmate. Who knows?


I managed to get the Irish News in Dublin and got the DART to Dun Laoghaire. €3.25 for a single ticket? WTF?


I voted in the Assembly Election, but cut my losses with my third preference. Not that it makes much difference as Sinn Fein and the DUP are still gonna remain the key players.


About Gerry Adams saying ‘The N Word’ on Twitter, all I can say is that us Culchies call foreigners all the names of the day. Even as gaelige it’s the same. The English are Seaneach; Saxons; the Danes are Dubh ghall; Dark haired Vikings; and the Norwegians are Fionn ghall; Fair haired Vikings. It’s just in us all. 🙂



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