My photos from Rathlin Island


Had a good time at Rathlin Island, even meeting an elderly tourist from Canada who regularly visits Ireland. She said that she lives three hours North of Toronto.


Also I overheard Scottish guys talking about how to get from Coleraine to Portstewart. I butted in and said they could either head via the Town Centre in Coleraine or via Coleraine University. They responded by saying, “You have the best accent ever! Why are Scottish accents so bloody boring?” Their accent was a generic posh David Coulthard/Andy Murray accent.


I took the tour of the lighthouse and the bedroom of the Captain had the Shipping Forecast played ad infinitum; one of those things unique to Britain. 😀


Didn’t get to see a Hare or Corncracke, even the Puffins were incognito yesterday, but I did get to see seals and hear them. More than made up for it.


Hats off to Bert’s Puffin Bus. 🙂 How in God’s name he drives those roads to the Bird Sanctuary I do not know. But he gave us a guided tour of the route. I forgot to ask him about Richard Branson’s Transatlantic Hot Air Balloon crash-landing at Rathlin in 1987. But we saw the Primary School; which has nine pupils and also there was a guy coming from the ferry we got on to the island providing hurleys for the hurlers on the island; they must represent Ballycastle McQuillan’s.


One thing I also saw was a car with a little girl sitting on the sunroof. 😮 They have to be Gypsies; more than likely the Romanian type rather than Irish Gypsies.


All in all, an experience. 🙂

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