First World (Aspie) Problems

This morning I bought Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ just for the sake of having the ‘First World Problems’ track and, in light of my previous blog post, I ALWAYS maintained that he was Canadian. Then I found out that he was born and bred in California. 🙂 (I was the same with Meatloaf)

The song was going round my head today when I had to deal with a request from a relative to ensure that the tax return form was sorted out; deadline next Tuesday. However, I called the accountant office and he called me when I got home and said he will sort it out once he contacts my estate agent. (realtor for all our American friends)

Also, common trait for me, I was driving and really needed a toilet. (again, for Americans here, the Men’s Room) I stopped at Tesco and ended up having to buy something just because I used their toilet; in case they say that the toilets are for customers only. A lifetime drinking soft drinks has frigged up my bladder.

Now I am preparing for the anniversary mass on Sunday morning for deceased members of my family. Have to get my good trousers (pants) washed.

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