Sleeping during the day

On Tuesday night I got ZERO sleep and had to sleep from 10:45 am yesterday to about 9:35 pm. I had a call to answer at 9 am and make a half-hour Skype call at 10 am; as I do every Wednesday. But I had my other errand for Wednesday afternoon covered.

I also done up a resumé using InDesign and misspelled Adobe. Nightmare. Quickly rectified. Thank God for the feedback.

Today I have to get rid of old headphones, which have seen better days, then buy a USB headset as well as screen wipes. I also have to get a shave at the Kurdish Barber in Magherafelt. All postponed from yesterday, when I had to sleep. 🙂 But, before that, a representative from WAVE trauma centre will speak to me. 🙂

I am doing well. During the night I kept up with my laundry. I have ALWAYS felt more productive at nighttime.

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