Good news and bad news this weekend

Bad news:

I was sick all day yesterday when preparing for a twenty-minute talk on a conference call based in America; I have unlimited US calls on my Skype for £12 per month. 🙂

Good news:

I had a ball at the Theatre in Enniskillen seeing ‘Give my Head Peace’ live. It was good to hear the quips about our RHI scandal. Also, there were a few quips about Irish and Ulster Scots. Overall, it was a blast. My ticket, bought on New Year’s Eve, was in the front row and I really got to embrace the atmosphere more. Also, I did meet the Meetup organiser before the show.

One of my old schools won the Macrory Cup – Senior Ulster Schools Gaelic Football title – for the first time ever in their history. That school only began admitting boys in 1978.

I was able to cancel my direct debit agreement for paying my car’s road tax and paid in full using my debit card. I’ll call them at 9 am today and confirm the cancellation of my direct debit agreement.


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