This coming May, I plan to repair the grave of my gran’s parents – and her brother from Nottingham – to get it ship-shape and Bristol fashion again. The site has been left to wreck-and-ruin – after decades of negligence. It’s optimum time to organise the graves; now that cemeteries in Northern Ireland have reopened.

Also, tomorrow would have been the ninety-fifth birthday of gran. She would have wanted me to organise the graves. I’m hoping that my brother would provide a contribution to the cost.

Also, I ordered a new mattress for my brother’s bed here; he will return home at the end of June. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, after hearing that a brother of a neighbour has spinal cancer. I’m grateful to be fit and healthy.

Oil is at knockdown prices. I plan to order more heating oil on Friday. God willing, four-hundred litres will get me close to full.


Golden Opportunity

I was at a Christian Café this morning, the one I regularly attended last year, and the woman running the place asked if I may volunteer there. I had said that I was feeling lonely and depressed. However, this is a golden opportunity to learn a must-have skill for employability. I will ask them if they may teach me how to operate a barista.

Infamous Bank Robber Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter, “Why do you only rob Banks?” His response was, “‘Cause that’s where the money’s at!” I need to strike while the iron’s hot and make myself competitive, before I look back and wonder, “What if?”


Dawning of a new day?

I was up at 4:20 am today and did a few things before voting in the EU Referendum; I voted Leave because the EU as I see it is a lapdog of America. Hopefully this referendum won’t be rigged; though I fear it might. God willing, the right decision will be made.


Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England all through to the last 16 of Euro 2016. Imagine that? Scotland will be pissed off even further. lol But Ireland were denied a stonewall penalty in the first half. The Romanian Referee mustn’t like Crosses since Transylvania is located there. 😀 (though Transylvanians speak Hungarian)


Today I am preparing for a voluntary placement. Yesterday I drove to see gran in the hospital and collected her used clothes that needed washing. Then I washed them yesterday evening and the support worker on last night is gonna put them in her tumble dryer. I have to iron a shirt today for the voluntary placement. On Tuesday I got my printer fixed; it’s still under warranty. 🙂


Now I have to simply do what I do every day and hope for the best. 🙂