No job to show for it (poem I worte about being unable to find work – contains profanity)

Dotted the Is and crossed the Ts!

Obtained a Postgrad!

Worked voluntary!

But no job to show for it!

Got off benefits after gran’s death!

God rest her, she thought all Protestants were in the UVF!

But I distanced myself from being sectarian!

Yet still became a statistic among young male aryans!

No job to show for it!

Got to install Linux!

Got to sample life in Belfast!

So much change, yet in many ways the same

incarcerated by its paranoid past!

No job to show for it!

Got advice about my Asperger’s!

Shone like th Sun building Lego!

I had to do a lot of growing up after isolation in Ardboe!

But no job to show for it!

Was a Government Stooge, then embraced the right!

To get what I wanted was simple!

Stand my ground and fight!

Still no job to show for it!

Voted for peace!

Opposed Labour’s war!

Defied Tory narcissism!

Defied the troubles even more!

But no job to show for it!

Blog and write!

Test and code!

Stopped becoming middle of the road!

Still no job to show for it!

Did the right thing!

Gave a fuck!

Had some moments of very good luck!

However no job to show for it!

Did well in School!

Followed the rules!

Studied rather than play pool!

But no job to show for it!

Distinction in Text Production!

Pass in Word Processing!

Survived two recessions!

No job to show for it!

Been on back to work schemes!

Tried to live out my childhood dreams!

However no job to show for it!

No longer drinking the Kool-Aid!

In the game of Hearts that’s life I always get the Queen of Spades!

Because I have no job to show for it!

2016 – The year of transformation

I wish to thank the following people for what they have done for me in 2016.


Tessa and Peter at USEL.

Those who worked with me at Magherafelt Advice.

Sharon and the two Elaines at Specialisterne in Belfast.

Those I met during Meetups in Belfast and Dun Laoghaire.

Those I had met when living in Magherafelt.


2016 is a year I can finally say that I have achieved my goals. 🙂

Opportunity Knocks

A former employer may rehire me in a different role for her latest project. It’s something I am looking forward to and know that perhaps this is the foot in the door for me.


Need to start getting my Ar$e in gear.


Henry Ford once said, “We don’t care whether we hire someone from Harvard or the local Sing Sing. We hire the person, not the background.” Hopefully I can use that as a lesson as someone who had initially felt he had missed the boat in order to return to the workforce in a good manner. Becoming a worker among workers. 🙂