An Tour Mór (Sonnet I wrote about driving across the Sperrins today)

He who rides a tiger is scared to dismount!

Not like the fear I had driving to Aughabrack via Feeny

trundling up the hills on the road from Moneymeaney

until I approached the crossroads dissecting the Park to Dungiven road!

Heading to Aughabrack I noticed ‘Road Ahead Closed’ signs

the road towards Plumbridge was closed!

Mrs. Kerlin said it’s due to a stretch of road being widened!

Blade heading towards Plumbridge showed me a detour

where I nearly drove into a hole on the right-hand road edge!

But I got over safe thanks to that Angel sent from Heaven!

Drove back home via Greencastle

nearly missing a sharp turn and almost into a side road

as well as nearly witnessing a collision at Kildress!

Holy Jesus! Thon’s some journey!”

Aughabrack/Dunamanagh (painting I did last Wednesday)


The images to the left, Gaelic Football posts, Gaelic Football Jersey and Petrol pump, represent Aughabrack and the Cricket Stumps, Cricket top and sectioned road represent Dunamanagh; or Donemana as the ‘other side of the House’ call it. My car is also included as I went for a drive to Dunamanagh and asked for the nearest filling station, to be pointed to the shop in Aughabrack which had petrol that was expensive, but priceless.


The joys of visiting North West Tyrone. 🙂