Didn’t get the job

I didn’t get the job with Deloitte. However, I am grateful that I have Specialisterne NI on my side. Later on today, I’m heading to a job club with them.

Last Friday night, I went to a Country Music Gig at Aughabrack. Turned out, that I had to wait so long for the act to appear I was exhausted and had to head back bang on Midnight. I was talking to a woman from Strabane at the event, but she is probably in a relationship; I think I saw an engagement ring on her. Just my luck. 😐

Country Music Gigs in Ireland are a parallel universe. There was a group of ones, probably in their early twenties, who brought a bottle of Buckfast with them – probably Townies from Strabane. The place was electric. There was even a Hen Party from ones from Claudy direction. Suffice to say, they weren’t lookers. :p

I also, now, have my photos on my portfolio site organised at https://desmonddevlin.myportfolio.com/photos  Didn’t take any photos of those jiving, didn’t have enough space to do so, the place was bunged up in the end.

Also, on Sunday, I went to Dublin for a ‘Coffee Crawl’ Meetup. Someone I knew was on the bus with me at Dungannon. Then I got the DART to Dalkey from Connolly and got directions to the place from a South African Lady who lives there; judging by her accent. It was good to do something more sedate after the madness of the Country Music gig.

Oh, and I got PIP awarded in the end. Not much, but at least it’s something. 🙂



My accent

I’m proud of my accent, even though American’s say I speak too fast whenever I’m reading out loud. 🙂


Growing up I had no identity and when I spoke as a kid Teachers thought I was English; TV was my educator back then. Then I had an American phase going through University. But, now, I have a regional accent and I’m content.


Our accent is influenced both by Irish and Ulster Scots. In fact, most Culchie idioms are originally Ulster Scots; such as ‘thon’ for ‘that’ and ‘sheugh’ (pronounced ‘shuck’) for a pile of mess. Irish influence in our use of English comes from saying muck (from the Irish for pig) and referring to Football tops as ‘Jerseys’. (from ‘Geansai’ the Irish for Jersey)