Heroes must suffer


I have realised that we must all suffer at first to live a fulfilling life in the end. Diamonds are simply million year-old trees. It seems that artists in particular – be it painters, writers or creative types in general – have a pretty tempestuous life. But we come out stronger.

Yesterday I drove to Plumbridge as a trial run drive in preparation for a job I applied for to see if I would go for at least an interview. But I was going through a road past the Sperrins I had never been on before and was so consumed by fear; driving new places these past few years has been a forced exercise for me. But in the end, when heading back, I realised that driving on a road I wasn’t comfortable with for a part time job wouldn’t be worth it. The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

However, today, I went to the place in Magherafelt I used to live at and went gardening this morning and early afternoon. It was good to muck about with my old posse. I even heard from the gardening expert there that the soil contains serotonin. No wonder I felt better. 🙂

Now this evening I’m not attending the art class. I need to slow down the pace a bit. My uncle had a suspected heart attack and is in the Royal Hospital in Belfast. My health is my wealth, for now.

Resurrection weekend :)

I’m trying to avoid saying Easter as the word itself has Pagan connotations. :p

On Good Friday I will be heading to Belfast to drop off my MacBook Pro at the Apple Store in Victoria Square to fix some broken keys on the computer; a lifetime of typing frantically. (Asperger’s trait) Also I am planning on getting an iPad thanks to a guy offering his on Gumtree. Then I should be back for Stations of the Cross Mass at 3 pm.

Now I feel that things are moving in the right direction, but last Saturday I was hit with a proverbial 2 by 4 when I had to get another form filled for the renewal of my driving licence. The medical red tape is driving me insane. But, God willing, the Doctor will have completed the form today, the Doctor’s surgery closes at 1 pm on Wednesdays, and hopefully I’ll drive to the DVA office in Coleraine first thing tomorrow to get that sorted once and for all.

Yesterday I filled an application form for an office job yesterday, at a livestock feed mill close to where I live, and sent it straight to their office. I love to use initiative and cut out the middleman at times. 🙂

My aunt-in-law will be coming soon to talk about payment for the new door in our garage; though it’s actually for domestic nik-nack as my car is parked outside. 🙂

All in all, another day another dollar. Or, in our case, pound. :p

Good news and bad news this weekend

Bad news:

I was sick all day yesterday when preparing for a twenty-minute talk on a conference call based in America; I have unlimited US calls on my Skype for £12 per month. 🙂

Good news:

I had a ball at the Theatre in Enniskillen seeing ‘Give my Head Peace’ live. It was good to hear the quips about our RHI scandal. Also, there were a few quips about Irish and Ulster Scots. Overall, it was a blast. My ticket, bought on New Year’s Eve, was in the front row and I really got to embrace the atmosphere more. Also, I did meet the Meetup organiser before the show.

One of my old schools won the Macrory Cup – Senior Ulster Schools Gaelic Football title – for the first time ever in their history. That school only began admitting boys in 1978.

I was able to cancel my direct debit agreement for paying my car’s road tax and paid in full using my debit card. I’ll call them at 9 am today and confirm the cancellation of my direct debit agreement.


Up all night

Last night I was up all night and only slept about five hours this morning from about 9:50 am to 2:50 pm. But I managed to get my car washed in Moneymore – some little sod wrote ‘dick’ on the boot of my car – and I bought some supplies.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I have InDesign training. From what my instructor told me last week I will be the only person present. But that might be an advantage as I cope much better with one-to-one tuition. My Asperger’s brain isn’t too focused when in a group. I once attended a sign langauge class and only lasted two classes as the Teacher, who is deaf herself, was too fast paced for me. Apparently her mum worked with my aunt-in-law at South Tyrone Hospital. Small world. 🙂

The WiFi on my MacBook Pro wasn’t working, so I am using Ethernet on Windows 7. Earlier I had made a prok chop and peas. Grateful that I could cook something simple.

I feel that my life is going fine. Next Saturday Night I’ll be at an alternative 90’s Disco in Belfast. That should be more up my street. 🙂 It’s via a Meetup.

I also filled in an application form for a receptionist job at an Optician’s place in Dromore; County Down. God willing, I’ll be able to drive to there.

Hopefully I’ll have a productive week next week.

More driving issues related to my Asperger’s

Yesterday I had to leave a mass card over to a remote part of our rival village when I found out that that man’s brother died on Thursday. Turns out I was directed to the home of the brother.

Then I went through a personal Hell negotiating the small, twisty roads at night before heading to a neighbour’s house to send a mass card for his sister in Belfast that died. Then I went to attend a month’s mind for the deceased mum of a personal friend. I then went to his brother’s house for reception, only to make a pig’s ear of parking. But I managed to get back okay and get another mass card for the wake that was on in Moortown and then I called Lifeline Helpline as I felt like I wanted a tons of bricks to hit me.

Mundane tasks, such as manoeuvring, are forced exercises for me. Pressure to perform and all that.

Meetup went well, but the snow didn’t appear until last night

My Meetup on Wednesday night went pretty well. I realise that I have a hell of a lot to learn if I wish to develop proper WordPress sites, but I have learned some useful sites to have and utilise a website speed test site on a website I helped modify last year. (the website even has US School grades, lol)


However, weather wise, the snow didn’t appear until I got back home again. Yesterday evening I drove to the shop to buy petrol and to the Chinese for a feed and I hearly couldn’t get up the hill on our untreated road and on the way back stalled when turning to our lane. But this morning I went the same route and handled it much better.


The thing about a manual car in comparison to an automatic is;

  1. You CAN apply the brake when driving in the ice/snow; but only in minuscule increments.
  2. You have to drive as slow as possible in as high a gear as possible; however I was only doing 10 mph yesterday evening in fourth gear and this morning I drove between 15 mph and 20 mph in fourth gear.


I have to overcome an awful lot of fear in order to drive safely.

Highs and Lows

Today I ordered 2 kilograms – 4.4 pounds – of organic carrots from a homegrown garden website based in Newtonards and that I had to pay via PayPal for the carrots and postage separately.They were bought with view of beginning fermenting carrots to boost my immune system. Their website has a glitch; my background in Software Testing. “Fine, fine, fine, mouse, fine, mouse, fine, rat, fine, syringe, fine, nose!” 🙂 (still can’t resist quoting ‘The Simpsons’ even twenty years on)


Then I went for a massage, only to find out that the guy who I thought had cancelled our appointment at 2 pm today hadn’t. And then I wanted to go with him to Davagh Forest. So, I followed his car across a Godforsaking hilly road which I had never been on before and dissected a quarry. From now on, I’ll get a lift off him.


Also, today I was on the edge because the past few days have wrecked my body and mind. Back to drinking caffeine after 7 pm; was too much cold turkey for me.

Near miss when driving – plus caffeine issues

This morning I drove all the way to Coleraine in order to head to the DVLA Office to surrender my old Driving Licence and request a new one with my new address – actually my family home – and I had to drive all the way to Coleraine – over an hour’s drive away; no public transport round here, my friend.

On the way I stopped at Swatragh – village in Derry along the way – for £25 of petrol and today’s Irish News – and on past that village I nearly clipped the kerb big time and had to swerve onto the other side of the road. Only God’s grace ensured there was no traffic the other direction, as well as no traffic island and no cops looking out for drunk drivers. It was a hareum scareum moment – didn’t get much sleep last night and still feeling the effects of being up almost an entire 24 hours on Saturday/Sunday. The G4S Security Guard at the office said, “You look tired today, boy!” It’s a sign from above saying that I should book a B and B next time I’m in Dublin.

Also, the DVLA office didn’t open until 9:15 am and I arrived at 8:40 am. Public Sector workers in Northern Ireland don’t know they’re living. Ditto those who work for banks. Try seeing if any of them have to head to a shop at 5:30 am carrying a Lunchbox? Mini rant at the NI Public Sector. 🙂

After I had my errand run I got myself a cappuccino at the shop opposite. I was trying to give up caffeine after 7 pm, but it was kinda cold turkey and I am a bit disoriented. Caffeine is basically the Culchie’s equivalent of Crystal Meth. 🙂

But on the way back managed to book a ticket to see Mike Garry’s performance in Belfast on Sunday Morning/Afternoon on the 22nd of January. His three books arrived here on Saturday, but my brother left them over for me. His exams are tomorrow and Thursday.

On days like this I am glad that things didn’t turn out for the worse. 🙂

Up and down throughout Christmas

On Boxing Night I was sick as a dog because there was a vomiting bug going round. My aunt-in-law and cousin got the same bug.


2017 has had a baptism of fire because I bumped into a car to my left when reversing out of a car park in Magherafelt. The guy who owned the other car said I left a mark, but God willing that will be that. But the stinking thinking returned. However it has prompted me to return to painting and to push the boat regarding practicing manoeuvring and strreing; things I ALWAYS sucked at since driving lessons.


My painting