Went stir crazy when driving *contains profanity*

I am at my gran’s place this weekend for her Month’s Mind Mass, hard to believe it’s a Month since her death already, and there is more ‘bad luck’ for me as yesterday evening the WiMax signal my brother uses there didn’t work, I was meant to call an Aussie Friend on Skype at 11 pm my time, and I slep for about 6 1/2 Hours and then the signal worked again.


But this morning I drove to Cookstown to head to the Turkish Barber for a shave when I nearly lost control of the car when coasting and accelerating at the same time. My mind was somewhere else. I can still hear one of my old Driving Instructors saying to me, “Clutch Up!” Driving was always an issue for me, but I managed to avoid an accident by God’s grace.


Still avoiding YouTube like the plague, but realise that I have to stop giving a fuck about the opinions of others. As the Swedes say, “Not my Circus! Not my Monkey!”


Orson Welles once said, “For the play to become a success, there has to be bad luck before it!” Hopefully this will ring true in relation to tonight’s Month’s Mind.

Trying to avoid Youtube



I am trying to avoid YouTube as I view it as a data mining honey trap operated by Skynet Google.


Irony is that my smartphone is an Android, I can’t afford an iPhone, but Google shoehorn their own built-in apps to such an extent that there is precious little room for the Apps I DO want without an SD card. Plus, I banjaxed my phone’s SD socket trying to do it myself. (just not a phone person) Shopping around for a new Sony Xperia M4 Aqua on Amazon. *Slaps myself with a Kendo Stick*


Anyone got a spare Boules ball? 😉