Switching to ESA

I have switched from Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) to Employment Support Allowance. (ESA) Benefits in this country may be deemed generous by detractors, however in comparison to the cost of living it’s pittance; especially if one has to maintain a car. (I’m not entitled to a Motobility Car)


Spent last night binge-following the Southern General Election. Thank God I quit that Rat Race. πŸ™‚


Life is a real Mofo at times. 😐

The Crowd Funding failed

But it was a blessing in disguise.


Now I have switched from Jobseeker’s to ESA. I’m currently living in a housing project for those with Mental Health issues and my Housing Benefit restricts my earning capability. I’m gonna see through this PlusNet contract then head to the big smoke.


I have busted so many guts to find work. Now I have to hope for something more profound.

Getting my Car Repaired (plus more signs of hope)

On Monday I will pay McMaster’s Autos the Β£400 to get my boot door, bumper and bottom of my car’s rear fixed. The past four weeks have been daunting, but I have come out smiling. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I was at Glasgowbury for a creative skills session. I now wanna sign up for the Graphic Design and Photography, plus I’m gonna pitch a script for a minute-long; if it even is that; Comedy Short based on an outlandish ‘Culchie’ with exploits in his travels. (warning: it wouldn’t be for the easily offended)

Also, I have TWO Interview offers. One for an Admin role in a place between Ballygawley and Aughnacloy; an hour’s drive, so I’ll hope the car will be ready on Tuesday. The other is for an ICT Assistant at a School in Lisburn. Not only that, but I have an offer for voluntary work at a local Advice Centre. I’ll see how I get on on next Wednesday’s Interview first before I commit.

Becoming more visible has helped improve my outlook and it shows in offers for work. πŸ™‚ However, I may require a guarantor for my Rent/Supported Living costs should I work full time.





Potential Job Openings

I have two job applications that could lead to interviews.


The first one is for a Graphic Designer role with The County Antrim Post at their Portglenone Office. They were looking experience in both Photoshop and InDesign. Over the past couple of weeks I have been using InDesign for the first time to get a feel of it. Hopefully it will work out; I attached a portfolio of work I done on InDesign alongside the ResumΓ© (CV as we call it) in order to prove I’m not BSing them.


The second is for a Dental Practice at Ballymoney as a receptionist. I added a bit more to my cover letter by saying that I could say, “Hello!” in Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian; the three main Eastern European groups living in Northern Ireland. Their selection process is still under review due to the huge numbers applying.


In for a penny, in for a pound.


One track for tonight;


Purchasing a URL

Today I received my Jobseeker’s; first money I have received in four weeks since they temporarily signed me off when I informed the Jobs and Benefits Office I was gonna be in Paris and miss one signing on Monday; and I have purchased the $26 annual fee for the domain and web privacy. Also I have registered with Google Adsense; in the hope of web revenue.


Now, it’s just a case of getting out there.


btw, I was in Paris three weeks ago. (lucky boy indeed since the incident last Friday) I saw this play advertised in the billboards at the Bastille region;



There actually was an Adolf Cohen who died at Auschwitz;




That’s what happens when hysteria is spread amongst Europe; like now in relation to ISIS. 😦