Been a while since I last blogged

Been choc-a-bloc with s**t happening! 🙂

My Christmas Day was low key. Went to The Hub in Cookstown for Dinner. Enjoyed the Crack – as in enjoyment 🙂 – and music, but didn’t eat much of my dinner. Wasn’t that hungry. A friend I talk to from Magherafelt said that her kids with Autism had Pizza for Christmas dinner; the daughter didn’t eat much of hers either. Picky eaters, us! 🙂

I had to top up my data for last month whenever my brother was here until New Year’s Day. Coming to think of that, I won’t renew the contract on my WiFi – in September 2019 – and will probably stick with using my Android as a WiFi hotspot as it has 4G here. Living in the sticks is damn expensive.

Also, I cancelled my WordPress plan for my homesite and also cancelled the hosting Namesco provided. I now just have email forwarding with them and the opportunity to redirect my domain to my Adobe Portfolio. No paintings since my last blog post, but I do have photos from the Ulster American Folk Park. The roads I took there weren’t ones for ‘giving her Dixie’, though. 😦

Hopefully, I won’t be affected by the Intel Processor data compromise should I update my Mac OS X. Pain in the Bum…..Bum Bum Bum Bum! 🙂 Get 007 to sort out SPECTRE. 🙂

My oil furnace was air locked again, but yesterday I got barrels from my uncle to buy emergency kerosene and he bled the furnace afterwards. We got the white smoke in the end. My uncle quipped, “Pope elected!” 🙂

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Gran is beginning to fail

Over the past week my gran’s health has deteriorated, however today she has shown signs of improvement. I first thought it was Alzheimer’s, but it’s probably just weakness due to not eating enough.


This morning; Sunday; I made a curry with my support worker. It turned out pretty well; no after-effects for me. :p Hopefully I can cook more stuff like that in future.


Yesterday evening I had to head to Ardboe Chapel for the anniversary mass for gran’s parents and brother. However, they weren’t called out at the chapel. Breakdown in communication. lol


I am unable to sleep now; it’s 2 am Monday here. Over the past few days I had to switch payment details for my recurring bills. The Belfast branch of the Co-Operative bank will close on Wednesday 29 June. Sorting these things out is a nightmare.