Getting out in the big wide world (of the Loughshore)

This evening I spent a while attending the Geordie Hanna Weekend Saturday Evening event about ‘Crossing Borders’ with a Keynote speaker from County Wexford – part of a Posse who sang songs about the 1978 rebellion. There was also a woman with the surname Pearse – descendant of Padraig? – who sang about an Irishwoman who fell in love with a guy who fought on Napoleon’s side a Waerloo – to spite the English, lol.


I was taking snapchat snaps of parts of the songs. But they expressed concern at my part and I respectfully left. Hadn’t planned to say long anyways.


I am friendly with a nephew of Geordie who grew up in Lancaster, England, and we have a common love of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and The Smiths.


Also, saddened by Leonard Cohen’s death. We’re losing our troubadours. he keynote speaker mentioned Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature. He even mentioned English poets, namely Keats. Perhaps we have more in common than we would like to imagine. 🙂


I’m pretty sure it’s ‘My Love at Waterloo’ sang this evening.

Experience of Dublin (plus paintings of mine)

Last Tuesday I visited Dublin; driving to Maghera park-and-ride and then taking the X4 to Busaras and then returning during the witching hours of Wednesday morning and driving back. At first I wanted to attend a Meetup for Creatives, however it was cancelled and I decided to arrange a visit with my ex-Landlady in order to ensure I didn’t waste the ticket.


My experience of Dublin underlines the huge changes it has experienced, with the Luas and Cycle Lanes. Though I was told London is worse for cycle lanes. I tried to jay walk to get to Connolly Train Station, to get a DART to Howth Junction, but just about live to tell the tale. The red man never turned green, EVER. We’re just plebs in Dublin. 😦


My ex-Landlady made dinner for me, her husband, herself and her grandson she was looking after. Chicken, spuds and broccoli. Lovely Jubbly.


Then on the way back I noticed kids wearing memorial Gaelic Football Jerseys that I have in Adult form. Turned out the family were from Ballinderry and were getting off the same bus I was getting at Cookstown. But we had to wait outside for the bus after Busaras closed at 11 pm; our bus left Dublin at Midnight. But we were able to board about 20 minutes later.


But I had to take it easy today. I worked yesterday and was exhausted afterwards, didn’t fully recover from the trip.


But I’m so glad that I went.




Purple Brain: (dedicated to Prince)


Toilet training a Puppy: (leaves little to the imagination)