Busy few days ahead

Last night I attended a quiz to raise money for a local man who was involved in an awful accident in London. My team finished third or fourth; three points behind the joint winners. (I didn’t stay for the tie break) I needed help with the music round; even having to be corrected on a ‘Marsupial Moment’ when they played a song by The Specials that I thought was by Madness; same label. πŸ™‚

This morning is the Anniversary mass for deceased members of my family. Then later this afternoon I will watch the Trainspotting sequel. My Sunday Lunch will probably be local. My initial plans to be in Dungannon all afternoon will have to be revised.

Tomorrow is my Illustrator training in Belfast. Grateful that I have the opportunity to learn new skills.

On Wednesday I will be at CRUSE bereavement centre at The Moy for an appointment.

Another day, another dollar! πŸ™‚

First World (Aspie) Problems

This morning I bought Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ just for the sake of having the ‘First World Problems’ track and, in light of my previous blog post, I ALWAYS maintained that he was Canadian. Then I found out that he was born and bred in California. πŸ™‚ (I was the same with Meatloaf)

The song was going round my head today when I had to deal with a request from a relative to ensure that the tax return form was sorted out; deadline next Tuesday. However, I called the accountant office and he called me when I got home and said he will sort it out once he contacts my estate agent. (realtor for all our American friends)

Also, common trait for me, I was driving and really needed a toilet. (again, for Americans here, the Men’s Room) I stopped at Tesco and ended up having to buy something just because I used their toilet; in case they say that the toilets are for customers only. A lifetime drinking soft drinks has frigged up my bladder.

Now I am preparing for the anniversary mass on Sunday morning for deceased members of my family. Have to get my good trousers (pants) washed.

The things I didn’t know about music (until now)

A mate of mine from England was talking to me on Skype about, “Seeing BjΓΆrk in a band!” I immediately assumed it was the Sugarcubes, only to find out that she was in an Icelandic Post-Punk band prior to the Sugarcubes.




Amazing the gaps in my knowledge. πŸ™‚ But, being an Arse, I maintained that I was correct; a reason I don’t go to pub quizzes anymore. I get triggered when contradicted; my gran, God rest her, was the same.


Another Marsupial Moment of mine. (‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ reference from way back when)