Haiku about my day last Monday (01 May 2017)

Talked to Brocagh man!

A cousin of Brocagh John!

At the Old Thatch Inn!

Up at eleven!

Clapped out after yesterday!

Long distance driving!

Having a Red Bull!

At the Cove, Ballyronan!

I shouldn’t drink that!

Saw an old School friend!

Married to an IT guy!

Childer there also!

Home via bypass!

Heading from Castledawson!

Then relative’s house!

Had a well-done steak!

Not the type to eat it rare!

Not a beef person!

WiFi doesn’t work!

At the Old Thatch Restaurant!

Same for Brocagh man!

The same Brocagh man!

No BT Infinity!

Not even Bluebox!

Gorgeous day outside!

Spent most of it inside, though!

Following snooker!

A bit scatterbrained!

Forgot about appointment!

Was for last Wednesday!

Talked to relative!

Said his uncle drove buses!

Coventry City!

Doing to-do list!

Planning for tomorrow’s chores!

Need to plan bettter!

The runs this morning!

Mad rush to get to toilet!

Held on for too long!

World snooker final!

The missed black didn’t matter!

Selby was too good!

May Bank Holiday!

Another one in four weeks!

A four day weekend!

Merging PDFs!

Needed to pay for service!

At forty-two quid!

Where’s the cue-ball going?

Common expression by snooker commentator John Virgo. The first May bank holiday weekend always means the Snooker final for me.


So far, in the semi-finals, Din Junhui of China leads Alan McManus of Scotland 14 frames to 10 going into the final session tomorrow; first to win 17 frames wins the semi-final. (Alan is in his first semi-final since 1993) The other semi-final is 8 frames all between Mark Selby of England, Leicester, to be exact, and Marco Fu of Hong Kong.


I would watch snooker on tv because I don’t have either the patience or the bladder to watch a whole day of it.

Tunes for tonight: (I promise not to play ‘Snooker Loopy’ by Chas and Dave)