2016 – The year of transformation

I wish to thank the following people for what they have done for me in 2016.


Tessa and Peter at USEL.

Those who worked with me at Magherafelt Advice.

Sharon and the two Elaines at Specialisterne in Belfast.

Those I met during Meetups in Belfast and Dun Laoghaire.

Those I had met when living in Magherafelt.


2016 is a year I can finally say that I have achieved my goals. 🙂

Moving back to Ardboe

I have to move back to gran’s – long story – and I will hopefully keep things watertight with my brother, who is at Uni in Derry and has his own agenda.


During the week the old barn and cattle bier, which had capsized roofs due to water leakage, were dismantled for safety reasons through contractors hired by my Uncle – a Foreman by trade – and I had to let them know first thing on Monday that me and my brother had ownership of the property.


Didn’t work today, was excused due to my need to sort things out domestically. I have penciled in a move back to gran’s in a fortnight’s time.


Last Friday I was at a night out at Club 92 in Leopardstown Racecourse – an 80’s Disco aptly named blinkers. It was through Meetup. I soon got a rude awakening when a Bus from O’Connell Street to Dun Laoghaire was €3.30 and I had €3 on me. But I was honest enough to hand over the 30 cent I owed when I checked the ticket. Rigorous honesty, unlike the Dubs. 🙂


I have now blocked YouTube from my Browser – and my K9 Web Protection has a password I don’t remember. 🙂  I can find my own entertainment. 🙂




The Mummy Returns!