Getting my Car Repaired (plus more signs of hope)

On Monday I will pay McMaster’s Autos the £400 to get my boot door, bumper and bottom of my car’s rear fixed. The past four weeks have been daunting, but I have come out smiling. 🙂

Yesterday I was at Glasgowbury for a creative skills session. I now wanna sign up for the Graphic Design and Photography, plus I’m gonna pitch a script for a minute-long; if it even is that; Comedy Short based on an outlandish ‘Culchie’ with exploits in his travels. (warning: it wouldn’t be for the easily offended)

Also, I have TWO Interview offers. One for an Admin role in a place between Ballygawley and Aughnacloy; an hour’s drive, so I’ll hope the car will be ready on Tuesday. The other is for an ICT Assistant at a School in Lisburn. Not only that, but I have an offer for voluntary work at a local Advice Centre. I’ll see how I get on on next Wednesday’s Interview first before I commit.

Becoming more visible has helped improve my outlook and it shows in offers for work. 🙂 However, I may require a guarantor for my Rent/Supported Living costs should I work full time.





Christmas Decorations at my estate already

And it’s not even Black Friday yet. lol


Although I’m pretty festive this time of year; having a Childhood I never had when I was growing up; but I wouldn’t resort to tacky over-the-top decorations. I’d stick with just cards. (Which I bought three weeks ago)