Letting Go (Sonnet about being in Charles de Gaule Airport 6 Months ago)

Disney Fangirls talk of letting go!

Spoiled Pink Princesses at Charles de Gaule Airport,

Liverpool Scallies!

Their flight back home was cancelled the day before!

I was supposed to go to School today!”

The Mum and the Gran carrying toys galore!

It wasn’t frozen in the UK,

we were given fog instead!

Flights delayed and rearranged!

Musical chairs with departure gates!

The Government is taking us for a ride,

with the spraying of areal chemicals!

Above us only Sky?

Are, right!

Wednesday Came and Went

Good News and Bad News. (Bad News comes first)

Bad News:


  1. Our Government voted in favour of Air Strikes in Syria. (will we ever see through America?)
  2. I am struggling to avoid nibbling before I get my next Jobseeker’s payment, so I can buy other stuff.
  3. I overheard an argument at a Phone Conference today which triggered me.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg; the bane of my Browsing since 2009; is ‘giving away’ his wealth to charity. (usual vanity from the Super-Rich)


Good News:


  1. I had a wonderful Christmas Lunch today.
  2. I got back in contact with an old Online Buddy from Texas; albeit from getting his Cell number through Facebook.
  3. I was chatting to a friend from Ardboe who now lives at The Loup.
  4. I managed to submit an application for a Job using my Hotmail email account; after my FastMail account was rejected for ‘security’ reasons. (make of that what you wish)


I’m trying to let all this settle, but we can’t reason with others. 😦


Some tunes:




I had a good day, besides one issue with posting a Christmas Present for a Friend from Toronto; Lancôme face cream; and the Post Office Clerk grilled me about whether I had Perfume, Aerosols or Nail Varnish in the envelope. Guess, I can only pray for the person. (love our Enemies, and all that)

I am reading a 500+ page book about Bob Dylan which I borrowed from the Library back on Monday. Good time-passer now that Winter has come with a vengeance. But it makes me realise just how much I shouldn’t meet my idols in real life.

My driving today was to The Loup; via several side roads to avoid the Friday logjam in Magherafelt; and to Moneymore. I was buying the Irish News; as I always do; and the Belfast Telegraph; no Jobfinder this Friday, mainly due to our First Minister retiring. (another Bloke I detest) Also bought a Mass Card; as part of the Christmas Gift for a Skype Buddy from Toronto as her Mum died of Cancer earlier this year.

Some tunes for tonight;

Purchasing a URL

Today I received my Jobseeker’s; first money I have received in four weeks since they temporarily signed me off when I informed the Jobs and Benefits Office I was gonna be in Paris and miss one signing on Monday; and I have purchased the $26 annual fee for the domain and web privacy. Also I have registered with Google Adsense; in the hope of web revenue.


Now, it’s just a case of getting out there.


btw, I was in Paris three weeks ago. (lucky boy indeed since the incident last Friday) I saw this play advertised in the billboards at the Bastille region;



There actually was an Adolf Cohen who died at Auschwitz;




That’s what happens when hysteria is spread amongst Europe; like now in relation to ISIS. 😦