Having a cold (plus other things)

Yesterday – Thursday – morning I went to a recruitment agency in Belfast to register. That agency has public sector work contracted out to them and they also said that they’re in charge of the Civil Service recruitment for those with disabilities; it has been a while since I submitted my resumé for that opening. Plus, they might have jobs outside of Belfast; be a huge boost for me to get a job elsewhere as I wouldn’t feel confident enough commuting to Belfast and back every weekday.

I’m still dosed – as we say in Northern Ireland – and have got Co-Codamol to get rid of the worst of it. The temperatures dropped all of a sudden this time last week.

One good piece of news from this week was getting my driving licence; after almost seven months of wrangling with the DVA in Coleraine. I must buy them a ‘Thank You’ card for putting up with me. 🙂

Tomorrow I am planning to attend a BBQ. 🙂 God willing, it won’t rain. As gran used to say, “Rain, Rain! Go to Spain! Never show your face again!”

Another day of swings and roundabouts

This afternoon I applied for an Admin Job at Craigavon; County Armagh; via a Recruitment Agency, only for them to call me saying they need evidence of my GCSE Results and my OCR Revel 2 Qualifications. Turned out, I was in a frantic rush trying to find my Record of Achievement as I had to fax the results certificates from Ballyronan Marina Centre. It was a crash course in how to operate a fax Machine. However, I got it done in the end.


Then, here’s the best part, I had a flat tyre which was as a result of a huge hole after it burst. Fortunately there were no Police around, otherwise I’d have got penalty points. My car was changed at a Garage in Coagh and got back, albeit a little despairing. Tomorrow I have to take Gran to our Solicitor about a form she has to sign.


Now I have been thrown off course.


Here are some tunes;