Reflecting on my life

I am still busting my ar$e so often to find work. However, I have a Skype friend from Canada who’s in her Fifties that said she had her first apartment whenever she was 16 and had to learn to fend for herself. Suddenly, I felt a sense of shame.

A lifetime of being stuck at home, because I grew up in a Farming environment and was simply expected to carry on that role, had left me unresourceful and spoiled. It wasn’t until my mum was no longer able to drive, due to both Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson’s, that I took driving lessons. At first, I was hopeless. I lacked basic ‘Man Skills’ because my mum had to do everything. Plus, my grandfather was fearful of mistakes being made. I grew up with a head full of knowledge and a life full of excuses.

In a few weeks time, a friend of mine from school is gonna paint my walls and ceilings. Again, mummy had to do everything at home. Fear leads to paralysis.

I’m in one of those reflective moods. But wishing things were different won’t solve everything.





Superman told me not to smoke (Poem I wrote in 2014)

Superman told me not to smoke.


The world and his wife are puffing on a fag.

The Inner City girls in Pyjamas looking like the Sea Hag.

Pushing their prams with intent.

Doing their bit to affect the headcount.

But Superman told me not to smoke.

Art Students playing folk, country and jazz.

Light up with some protest against the ban on smoking inside.

A defiant display of nihilist pride.

Thinking that being John Wayne will make us feel their pain.

But Superman told me not to smoke.


What’s the point of sending Teenage Girls to School nowadays?

They will never obey any more rules nowadays.

They proclaim their adulthood while still carrying Hello Kitty schoolbags.

Sixteen is the new twenty-one.

But Superman told me not to smoke.

Never meet your heroes.

They will view you as a social zero.

The nation thrived on 20 Regal in the 70’s and 80’s.

Then the 90’s progressed into ecstasy.

But Superman told me not to smoke.