This coming May, I plan to repair the grave of my gran’s parents – and her brother from Nottingham – to get it ship-shape and Bristol fashion again. The site has been left to wreck-and-ruin – after decades of negligence. It’s optimum time to organise the graves; now that cemeteries in Northern Ireland have reopened.

Also, tomorrow would have been the ninety-fifth birthday of gran. She would have wanted me to organise the graves. I’m hoping that my brother would provide a contribution to the cost.

Also, I ordered a new mattress for my brother’s bed here; he will return home at the end of June. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, after hearing that a brother of a neighbour has spinal cancer. I’m grateful to be fit and healthy.

Oil is at knockdown prices. I plan to order more heating oil on Friday. God willing, four-hundred litres will get me close to full.


First World (Aspie) Problems

This morning I bought Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ just for the sake of having the ‘First World Problems’ track and, in light of my previous blog post, I ALWAYS maintained that he was Canadian. Then I found out that he was born and bred in California. 🙂 (I was the same with Meatloaf)

The song was going round my head today when I had to deal with a request from a relative to ensure that the tax return form was sorted out; deadline next Tuesday. However, I called the accountant office and he called me when I got home and said he will sort it out once he contacts my estate agent. (realtor for all our American friends)

Also, common trait for me, I was driving and really needed a toilet. (again, for Americans here, the Men’s Room) I stopped at Tesco and ended up having to buy something just because I used their toilet; in case they say that the toilets are for customers only. A lifetime drinking soft drinks has frigged up my bladder.

Now I am preparing for the anniversary mass on Sunday morning for deceased members of my family. Have to get my good trousers (pants) washed.

Went stir crazy when driving *contains profanity*

I am at my gran’s place this weekend for her Month’s Mind Mass, hard to believe it’s a Month since her death already, and there is more ‘bad luck’ for me as yesterday evening the WiMax signal my brother uses there didn’t work, I was meant to call an Aussie Friend on Skype at 11 pm my time, and I slep for about 6 1/2 Hours and then the signal worked again.


But this morning I drove to Cookstown to head to the Turkish Barber for a shave when I nearly lost control of the car when coasting and accelerating at the same time. My mind was somewhere else. I can still hear one of my old Driving Instructors saying to me, “Clutch Up!” Driving was always an issue for me, but I managed to avoid an accident by God’s grace.


Still avoiding YouTube like the plague, but realise that I have to stop giving a fuck about the opinions of others. As the Swedes say, “Not my Circus! Not my Monkey!”


Orson Welles once said, “For the play to become a success, there has to be bad luck before it!” Hopefully this will ring true in relation to tonight’s Month’s Mind.