Kids with Autism

I was on a Discord Server for those with Autism, and I feel really bad about how kids are; these days. They’re unable to sleep, as well as obsessing about all the nonsense of these days. Not to mention the support for the vaccine. However, I can only focus on myself. I can’t change others.

On a more positive note, I bought a new laptop over the weekend. The rest of the bond money came on Friday morning. Alas, I can only afford a Windows laptop. Such is life.

This week, I will be focusing on the PIP re-application. I fear the future, but appreciate the present. It’s all about proceeding with caution. Just like turning left or right at the end of the road.

Gran is beginning to fail

Over the past week my gran’s health has deteriorated, however today she has shown signs of improvement. I first thought it was Alzheimer’s, but it’s probably just weakness due to not eating enough.


This morning; Sunday; I made a curry with my support worker. It turned out pretty well; no after-effects for me. :p Hopefully I can cook more stuff like that in future.


Yesterday evening I had to head to Ardboe Chapel for the anniversary mass for gran’s parents and brother. However, they weren’t called out at the chapel. Breakdown in communication. lol


I am unable to sleep now; it’s 2 am Monday here. Over the past few days I had to switch payment details for my recurring bills. The Belfast branch of the Co-Operative bank will close on Wednesday 29 June. Sorting these things out is a nightmare.






What happened? (a prose/sonnet I wrote)

The mockers have the upper hand!

The faithful have been distracted!

Our institutions have been usurped!

Our forefathers seem to have died in vain!

The jobs are no longer filled by natives!

The wasters are growing in numbers!

Dependency rules supreme!

Tradition has been rendered useless!

They call it ‘progress’!

They call it ‘freedom’!

They call it ‘the greater good’!

They call it ‘revitalising our economy’!

Class war is upon us!

Turn off your TV!


I am wrecked as I am overstretching myself; hypomania; and was advised to get some sleep, but I simply can’t settle down to get any shut-eye.


Tomorrow I sign on, then will probably get two Benefit payments to also cover for the forthcoming fortnight being the Monday after Christmas; i.e. Bank Holiday.


To be honest, I’m getting tired of the Welfare State. I WANT to work and feel that I’M the one being punished whilst the media focuses on the extreme cases of those who milk the System. Collectivism is not the way forward. I guess my generation had it too comfortable when we were young. 😐


No tunes this time.

Wednesday Came and Went

Good News and Bad News. (Bad News comes first)

Bad News:


  1. Our Government voted in favour of Air Strikes in Syria. (will we ever see through America?)
  2. I am struggling to avoid nibbling before I get my next Jobseeker’s payment, so I can buy other stuff.
  3. I overheard an argument at a Phone Conference today which triggered me.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg; the bane of my Browsing since 2009; is ‘giving away’ his wealth to charity. (usual vanity from the Super-Rich)


Good News:


  1. I had a wonderful Christmas Lunch today.
  2. I got back in contact with an old Online Buddy from Texas; albeit from getting his Cell number through Facebook.
  3. I was chatting to a friend from Ardboe who now lives at The Loup.
  4. I managed to submit an application for a Job using my Hotmail email account; after my FastMail account was rejected for ‘security’ reasons. (make of that what you wish)


I’m trying to let all this settle, but we can’t reason with others. 😦


Some tunes:



Heading to a meetup tomorrow

Haven’t posted at all during the weekend. 😐 Wrecked, took my medication TWICE by accident on Saturday Evening and hadn’t fully awakened until 3 pm yesterday.


Now I am preparing for a meetup tomorrow. The things is that I had to buy Trainers at the O’Neill’s store this morning and they were £45; when I was expecting a pair for £35. (like the ones I bought Six Months ago) Poor judgement on my part.


Now I feel that it really is ‘All about the Benjamins’ (like the Puff Daddy/Dave Grohl song)


But I will soon get over it, like the Guillemots’ Song.