Sleeping during the day

On Tuesday night I got ZERO sleep and had to sleep from 10:45 am yesterday to about 9:35 pm. I had a call to answer at 9 am and make a half-hour Skype call at 10 am; as I do every Wednesday. But I had my other errand for Wednesday afternoon covered.

I also done up a resumΓ© using InDesign and misspelled Adobe. Nightmare. Quickly rectified. Thank God for the feedback.

Today I have to get rid of old headphones, which have seen better days, then buy a USB headset as well as screen wipes. I also have to get a shave at the Kurdish Barber in Magherafelt. All postponed from yesterday, when I had to sleep. πŸ™‚ But, before that, a representative from WAVE trauma centre will speak to me. πŸ™‚

I am doing well. During the night I kept up with my laundry. I have ALWAYS felt more productive at nighttime.

Near miss when driving – plus caffeine issues

This morning I drove all the way to Coleraine in order to head to the DVLA Office to surrender my old Driving Licence and request a new one with my new address – actually my family home – and I had to drive all the way to Coleraine – over an hour’s drive away; no public transport round here, my friend.

On the way I stopped at Swatragh – village in Derry along the way – for Β£25 of petrol and today’s Irish News – and on past that village I nearly clipped the kerb big time and had to swerve onto the other side of the road. Only God’s grace ensured there was no traffic the other direction, as well as no traffic island and no cops looking out for drunk drivers. It was a hareum scareum moment – didn’t get much sleep last night and still feeling the effects of being up almost an entire 24 hours on Saturday/Sunday. The G4S Security Guard at the office said, “You look tired today, boy!” It’s a sign from above saying that I should book a B and B next time I’m in Dublin.

Also, the DVLA office didn’t open until 9:15 am and I arrived at 8:40 am. Public Sector workers in Northern Ireland don’t know they’re living. Ditto those who work for banks. Try seeing if any of them have to head to a shop at 5:30 am carrying a Lunchbox? Mini rant at the NI Public Sector. πŸ™‚

After I had my errand run I got myself a cappuccino at the shop opposite. I was trying to give up caffeine after 7 pm, but it was kinda cold turkey and I am a bit disoriented. Caffeine is basically the Culchie’s equivalent of Crystal Meth. πŸ™‚

But on the way back managed to book a ticket to see Mike Garry’s performance in Belfast on Sunday Morning/Afternoon on the 22nd of January. His three books arrived here on Saturday, but my brother left them over for me. His exams are tomorrow and Thursday.

On days like this I am glad that things didn’t turn out for the worse. πŸ™‚