Man-Flu is NOT an option

Over the past few days, I’ve been dosed with a cold and sore throat. However, just during that time, I made chicken in the slow cooker, did the dishes and laundry, mopped my kitchen floor and cleaned the coffee stains on my tables. In between then, I was talking to friends across the Atlantic on Skype. Man-Flu is NOT an option for me. 🙂

There is an issue I have to resolve with a neighbour – which is still on the QT – and I have ensured that my uncle will be there with us to iron everything out. In the midst of all that, I need to keep on trucking.

I’m looking to get back to work, so I’m considering hiring a car to get myself work-ready. 2019 was whenever I crashed-and-burned and have to focus on domestic matters. I’m on my own. Therefore no one can do it for me.



Yesterday, I was at a Christian Café in Stewartstown and heard Schizophrenic voices in my head; saying, “Hail Satan!” My friend from Desertmartin says it’s a reaction to the change in medication – raising my Citalopram to 30 mg – while my Key Worker says it’s the effect of stress. I reckon it’s both.

Today, I feel better. Prayer and outreach do help issues pass. Lifeline Helpline is a Godsend for me.

I bought a free-range chicken on Thursday, at the butcher with a 10% off discount through the voucher from my Slimming World group, and have the bird in my slow cooker until roughly 1 pm today. However, I gained two pounds in the past weigh-in.

Later, today, I will visit my neighbour. While Ireland faces the All-Blacks in less than an hour in the Rugby Union World Cup Quarter-Final. I reckon we’ll beat them, but get walloped by England in the Semi-Final; I tipped England to win the whole thing before the tournament began. 😀


Jools Holland and George Harrison – Horse to the Water


Still have the cold

I have the runniest nose on the planet and my accent is hard enough to understand as it is without a sore throat to boot. Being ‘dosed’ (as we say in Mid Ulster) is not a good position. I have used up all the Manuka Honey I got from Holland and Barrett three weeks ago just to soothe my throat. There is only so much tea and so many Co-Codamol tablets I can take.

Also, my driver’s license renewal; for change of address; is delayed further by the need to fill in both a psychiatric and neurosis form which arrived in the post yesterday. First thing this morning I sent them to the Mental Health unit in Cookstown for my Shrink and Occupational Therapist to fill in. So much paperwork in this country. Bloody bureaucrats. :@

Now I have to floss my teeth to protect my gums. Another forced exercise for my Asperger’s brain. Some of the gaps in my teeth aren’t as obvious as others.

On a more positive note, I unearthed mum’s slow cooker; a wedding gift from 1978 which hasn’t been used in roughly twenty years; and have a pork chop cooking. Sprinkle the bowl with Worcester Sauce and cook on high for 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Had one back in Friday.

Still smarting from a Weekend from Hell, culminating in the Patriots winning the Superbowl. :@