Acceptance this Christmas Time

Acceptance is the hardest thing to do, but acceptance DOES set you free. After a strenuous week of Meetups and chores, my employment advisor made me realise that I am PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE  of working full time. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I am managing okay, as it is, in my life.

Last Thursday I attended a Coffee event in Belfast run by Specialisterne. We explained to an organiser, originally from Seattle, that French Fries were Belgian and served to US Soldiers in WWI by Walloons. Net Neutrality was also discussed. Shame the Verizon Lobby won that vote. 😦

With one week to go until Christmas, I wanna take it easy until the new year. My brother came home last night and this afternoon I found out that his old mentor from the SUSE Program’s gran died during the weekend and I went over to the wake with a mass card. Thank God the weather this afternoon was mild. The road the wake was at is in the arsehole of nowhere.

Also, I thought of freelance writing as a career option. But that proved to be just another cosmetic expense. At the moment I wanna focus on being social and my artwork.

Ladt Friday I attended a painting session in Dun Laoghaire. On the train back to Portadown there was a guy with a Christmas Jumper saying, “Merry Chris-Marx!” Another Champagne Socialist in Ireland. lol



The Cities (Poem I wrote about cities being too similar) *Contains Profanity*

Nothing is pretty anymore

for the cities have to settle some sort of score!

The atmosphere everywhere is nihilist and caustic

stuck in a dystopian vortex!


Every city has a Student population

which contributes heavily to Microsoft Corporation!

Non-differentiating, multinational multilingusists

where London is Irish

and Dublin’s English!


And young men express their resentment towards University Flankers

by saying, “Youse are all fucking Wankers!”

Cities engulfed in Government-run Drug Wars

where there’s no innocence anymore!


Manchester now has Tory conferences

no more terraced housing!

Just run down ghettos with high-rise flats

and a well-done-up City Centre arousing!


Liverpool’s no longer about the Tavern

just Culchie Blades from Ulster on Hen Nights!

And Blokes after Strippers

looking to watch the next Bellew fight!


But where’s Belfast in all of this?

Going down the same road?

Reckless Nouveau Riche like Mr Toad?


We have our problems

but we need to put things in perspective!

Hopefully there won’t be a driective

that would make our way of life ineffective!


Compared to one hundred miles away

we’re doing pretty well!

Hope and pray we keep our identity

to avoid a cultural Hell!



Superman told me not to smoke (Poem I wrote in 2014)

Superman told me not to smoke.


The world and his wife are puffing on a fag.

The Inner City girls in Pyjamas looking like the Sea Hag.

Pushing their prams with intent.

Doing their bit to affect the headcount.

But Superman told me not to smoke.

Art Students playing folk, country and jazz.

Light up with some protest against the ban on smoking inside.

A defiant display of nihilist pride.

Thinking that being John Wayne will make us feel their pain.

But Superman told me not to smoke.


What’s the point of sending Teenage Girls to School nowadays?

They will never obey any more rules nowadays.

They proclaim their adulthood while still carrying Hello Kitty schoolbags.

Sixteen is the new twenty-one.

But Superman told me not to smoke.

Never meet your heroes.

They will view you as a social zero.

The nation thrived on 20 Regal in the 70’s and 80’s.

Then the 90’s progressed into ecstasy.

But Superman told me not to smoke.


My Christian conviction has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with ‘religion’ or ‘church’. It’s about faith.

I see all the retro-80’s Sexual Nihilism in our media, especially with Celebrity slappers like Ariana Grande and the Jenners, and wonder if the Catholic cover up of child abuse was a smoking gun aimed at dismantling traditional morals. All these dysfunctional gold-diggers are also another smoking gun aimed at ridiculing the sacrament of marriage. Young men have lost motivation in today’s society and don’t see a life beyond pizza and porno. Yet, no one is standing up for us blokes.

Also, our ancestors broke their backs to try and get to heaven. Then the past four or five generations have defaulted themselves into believing that they’re condemned to hell. Why? Because, as far as I’m concerned, Government Education has conditioned children to believe that Adulthood is a life-long prison sentence. This Behemoth has usurped Western values in a tacit, unconscious manner.

Also, the medical evidence that contraception is inextricably linked to depression and anxiety in young women and teenage girls vindicates my faith’s opposition to unnatural family planning. However, it seems that Christians have been muted by the media; leftist bias.



Keep Calm and turn off your TV! 🙂

Letting Go (Sonnet about being in Charles de Gaule Airport 6 Months ago)

Disney Fangirls talk of letting go!

Spoiled Pink Princesses at Charles de Gaule Airport,

Liverpool Scallies!

Their flight back home was cancelled the day before!

I was supposed to go to School today!”

The Mum and the Gran carrying toys galore!

It wasn’t frozen in the UK,

we were given fog instead!

Flights delayed and rearranged!

Musical chairs with departure gates!

The Government is taking us for a ride,

with the spraying of areal chemicals!

Above us only Sky?

Are, right!