I feel better

August is starting well, for me. My IKEA bed base came this morning. However, there are some sections which require more than one person arranging it. God willing, my uncle will help me.

I ordered my first bits of recipes for suggestions from The Batch Lady – Suzanne Mulholland. She had a top time-management role in America before becoming a Farmer’s Wife in Scotland. Sounds right up my alley.

I am glad the Superstars Café is returning to normal hours from this week on. But it isn’t the same with Lockdown. They’re trying to crack a nut with a pneumatic drill.

Tomorrow, I plan to attend a Café in Draperstown for a half-price fry as part of a UK-Wide initiative throughout August. Mid Ulster is virtually Covid-free. So why should we wear masks here? We’re not New York or LA.

For now, I have to focus on reducing expenses rather than look for work. But, this Friday, I will see a Social Farm outside Claudy to see if I would enjoy it. Get back to what I was supposed to do. 🙂


Internet issues – again

My internet is still giving me jip. I’m six and a half months into a two-year contract and I had to order specialist broadband – a codec which converts Mobile 4G data to WiFi – just to get decent speeds. At times I despair, but then there are times wherein I reckon I should use my time more constructively.

My Graphic Design Meetup in Dublin is tomorrow, then I will commit to more practice on Illustrator using Creative Cloud’s YouTube account.


Busy week or so

I’m currently holding fort at gran’s as my brother has to get up in a few hours time for work; I’ve been up all night like a martyr but am gonna get some money from my brother in the end. 🙂 I have been kept occupied by emailing friends and typing up sonnets I had written over the past month or so, plus an attempt at a song I also wrote. So I can have a bona fide type up of my work. Remember the difference between, “Let’s eat, grandma!” and “Let’s eat grandma!” Correct grammar saves lives, even though I’m the King of typos. :p


No nausea this time, last week I purged due to feeling queasy, but this time I brought ginger mints and a newspaper to sit on to avoid nausea. Just another few hours to go. *Impatient*




At Dun Laoghaire

I had an experience already. I’ve spent the last two hours at Dun Laoghaire getting WiFi, and recharging my Android, at a bar beside the Theatre my gig this evening is at and I was getting a Ballygowan Sparkling and crisps when I noticed someone with an American-Style Obey Baseball Cap, which I think are lame, worn the other way round. First I thought it was a young lad, but it was actually a Lesbian out with her pals. Takes all-sorts, I guess.


At Maghera park-and-ride I was talking to a family from Maghera who were getting off at Dublin Airport for a flight to Boston. Then a guy from Lavey, village near Maghera, got on the same bus to get off at Dungannon. He actually recognised me, perhaps he is a father or uncle of an old schoolmate. Who knows?


I managed to get the Irish News in Dublin and got the DART to Dun Laoghaire. €3.25 for a single ticket? WTF?


I voted in the Assembly Election, but cut my losses with my third preference. Not that it makes much difference as Sinn Fein and the DUP are still gonna remain the key players.


About Gerry Adams saying ‘The N Word’ on Twitter, all I can say is that us Culchies call foreigners all the names of the day. Even as gaelige it’s the same. The English are Seaneach; Saxons; the Danes are Dubh ghall; Dark haired Vikings; and the Norwegians are Fionn ghall; Fair haired Vikings. It’s just in us all. 🙂



Getting my Car Repaired (plus more signs of hope)

On Monday I will pay McMaster’s Autos the £400 to get my boot door, bumper and bottom of my car’s rear fixed. The past four weeks have been daunting, but I have come out smiling. 🙂

Yesterday I was at Glasgowbury for a creative skills session. I now wanna sign up for the Graphic Design and Photography, plus I’m gonna pitch a script for a minute-long; if it even is that; Comedy Short based on an outlandish ‘Culchie’ with exploits in his travels. (warning: it wouldn’t be for the easily offended)

Also, I have TWO Interview offers. One for an Admin role in a place between Ballygawley and Aughnacloy; an hour’s drive, so I’ll hope the car will be ready on Tuesday. The other is for an ICT Assistant at a School in Lisburn. Not only that, but I have an offer for voluntary work at a local Advice Centre. I’ll see how I get on on next Wednesday’s Interview first before I commit.

Becoming more visible has helped improve my outlook and it shows in offers for work. 🙂 However, I may require a guarantor for my Rent/Supported Living costs should I work full time.