Discussing another voluntary placement today

This morning I will head to Lissan House to discuss a voluntary placement there, with view of paid employment there further down the line. I seem to have made a good first impression at Friday evening whenever I met the office manager; the daughter of my art Teacher. So, all smiles there.

I am all dickied up. Though my left shoe is cutting my heel, but I intend to play through the pain. 🙂 It’s about learning to grow up and be a man, after being a howling brat as a young boy.


Yesterday was the Lama’s Fair in Ardboe and I made myself present for the first fifty-odd minutes. Good to see the kids out enjoying themselves. I was an invisible non-entity at that age.




Gran is beginning to fail

Over the past week my gran’s health has deteriorated, however today she has shown signs of improvement. I first thought it was Alzheimer’s, but it’s probably just weakness due to not eating enough.


This morning; Sunday; I made a curry with my support worker. It turned out pretty well; no after-effects for me. :p Hopefully I can cook more stuff like that in future.


Yesterday evening I had to head to Ardboe Chapel for the anniversary mass for gran’s parents and brother. However, they weren’t called out at the chapel. Breakdown in communication. lol


I am unable to sleep now; it’s 2 am Monday here. Over the past few days I had to switch payment details for my recurring bills. The Belfast branch of the Co-Operative bank will close on Wednesday 29 June. Sorting these things out is a nightmare.






Losing Weight (and Inhibitions)

Today I had a weigh-in from the Dietitian; first appointment since the day before I flew to Paris back in October; and all my hard work giving up sugar paid off. I lost over 15 Pounds and am now under 300 Pounds for the first time in over a Year. Next goal is to get under 20 Stone; 280 Pounds.


Today I had my Health and Safety qualification exam. Yesterday’s induction to Health and Safety went well as both the guy taking it and the Inspector keeping a tab on him were both mighty impressed by me and my attitude; first impressions count. 🙂


Now I feel that, in spite of the gloomy weather and the issue around my car; things are starting to get better.