Sunday Morning

I am enjoying this Sunday morning. Yesterday my internet was banjaxed and it didn’t work again until 8:15 pm, apart from a brief while around 3:30 pm to 3:50 pm. Then I went to different places for WiFi access and went to our local Parish Hall where there was a celebratory event for ‘Couch to 5k’ which had been going since the new year. It put me to shame, but hopefully I can start exercising again; going for walks. 🙂

Also yesterday I did the laundry and hung it on the clothes horses this morning. Chop wood, carry water.

I went to see Specialisterne in Belfast on Friday and they are arranging a mentor for me in graphic design. Hopefully this is the golden opportunity I have been waiting for.

Now I can have a day of rest. 🙂 Or, whatever I consider rest. lol

Change of schedule

I decided against watching the Trainspotting sequel today as Ineed to take more time to myself with view of tomorrow’s class. I need some time to relax away from the computer. I’m using the Dell Laptop I bought with view of getting Linux installed and the Laptop makes me realise just how much I hate Windows. :@

Time is a bugger for me. But hopefully I can have a good start to the week. Early rise tomorrow.