Golden Opportunity

I was at a Christian Café this morning, the one I regularly attended last year, and the woman running the place asked if I may volunteer there. I had said that I was feeling lonely and depressed. However, this is a golden opportunity to learn a must-have skill for employability. I will ask them if they may teach me how to operate a barista.

Infamous Bank Robber Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter, “Why do you only rob Banks?” His response was, “‘Cause that’s where the money’s at!” I need to strike while the iron’s hot and make myself competitive, before I look back and wonder, “What if?”


InDesign training

And the instructor said he is mighty impressed at how quickly I have got up to speed. It’s a testament to how far I had come from the times when I dreaded the day ahead. It is because I taught myself how to manage life; I guess my brother also kept me on my toes regarding technical knowledge.

I feel that the effort I had put into improving my life is finally paying dividends. My horoscope today said I should celebrate, so I had pizza! 🙂

Preparation for today

My preparation for today is to make bacon sandwiches to avoid eating out when I’m in Belfast for Illustrator training. I have things to do before heading out and getting the bus.


It’s 4:47 am now. Hopefully the day will go smoothly. Yesterday was an anniversary mass for deceased members of my family and I managed that well.


I am hoping that graphic design is the cheese that catches the mouse.