Meetup went well, but the snow didn’t appear until last night

My Meetup on Wednesday night went pretty well. I realise that I have a hell of a lot to learn if I wish to develop proper WordPress sites, but I have learned some useful sites to have and utilise a website speed test site on a website I helped modify last year. (the website even has US School grades, lol)


However, weather wise, the snow didn’t appear until I got back home again. Yesterday evening I drove to the shop to buy petrol and to the Chinese for a feed and I hearly couldn’t get up the hill on our untreated road and on the way back stalled when turning to our lane. But this morning I went the same route and handled it much better.


The thing about a manual car in comparison to an automatic is;

  1. You CAN apply the brake when driving in the ice/snow; but only in minuscule increments.
  2. You have to drive as slow as possible in as high a gear as possible; however I was only doing 10 mph yesterday evening in fourth gear and this morning I drove between 15 mph and 20 mph in fourth gear.


I have to overcome an awful lot of fear in order to drive safely.

Heading to Belfast for a WordPress Meetup this evening

I am going to play it safe and I booked a taxi to a local park-and-ride to get a bus to Belfast and I booked a hotel for tonight using booking dot com at a hotel a few minutes walk from the bus station and Meetup location that I can pay for by cash. Smiles all round.


Apparently it’s going to snow this evening, so I’m taking no risks with my car. Especially after all the hareum scareum moments behind the wheel recently.


Hope that the Meetup will go well. 🙂

Purchasing a URL

Today I received my Jobseeker’s; first money I have received in four weeks since they temporarily signed me off when I informed the Jobs and Benefits Office I was gonna be in Paris and miss one signing on Monday; and I have purchased the $26 annual fee for the domain and web privacy. Also I have registered with Google Adsense; in the hope of web revenue.


Now, it’s just a case of getting out there.


btw, I was in Paris three weeks ago. (lucky boy indeed since the incident last Friday) I saw this play advertised in the billboards at the Bastille region;



There actually was an Adolf Cohen who died at Auschwitz;


That’s what happens when hysteria is spread amongst Europe; like now in relation to ISIS. 😦